Hello there, welcome to Jackson Reece’s newly developed website! Let me start off by introducing myself, my name is Janet Cordner, I’m a mummy of 4 boys, Jackson (18), Reece (16), Harrison (11) and Carlton (8), (who are a full-time job on their own) but I’m also the co-director of Jackson Reece all Natural Baby products.

My husband, Colin and I started our business just over 15 years ago and have struggled, succeeded and struggled some more to nurture our small brand into something great. We are a small family business from Northern Ireland with just 3 family members working together to try and make our small business grow, as well as educate as many Mummies and Daddies of the benefits of using natural products on their little ones.

As I’m sure you’re very aware about all the media attention regards to baby wipes and indeed all types of wet wipes in general with some even calling for a complete ban on all baby wipes here in the UK as it has now come to their attention that 99% of all baby wipes are made from a high percentage of plastic (polyester) and usually a small amount of cotton or other material. In the last 12 months our environmentally friendly efforts have been recognised by several companies who have asked us to join them in the fight towards banning plastic/polyester based wipes. We have been invited to conferences containing some of the most renowned companies and people that deal with marine life, water boards and ocean enthusiasts that sail all over the world only using sustainable products.

At a very recent show I attended 100% of the people I spoke with all believed that baby wipes could be flushed and even if they put these in the bin that they would all disappear very quickly. As this is far from the truth, the parents I spoke to were very annoyed that they were not informed that most baby wipes were in fact made from plastic fibres. I also believe that we at Jackson Reece are the innovators in our field and we were the first to develop this type of amazing baby wipe which couldn’t be more relevant in today's society.

This is our first ever blog from Jackson Reece and we hope you’ll enjoy reading weekly updates about our life as well as updating you on new products we are working on, keep your eyes peeled and come back soon!

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