Make your family a little greener this summer!

You may think that going ‘green’ or being eco-friendly is a bit intimidating but reducing your carbon footprint does not need to involve huge lifestyle changes. We have compiled a few simple and affordable ways almost anyone can do to contribute to helping the environment.

So, what is a carbon footprint? It refers to the amount of greenhouse gases we produce or things we consume such as carbon dioxide and methane. These gases then contribute to pollution, damaging the ozone layer and global warming.

Activities like driving a car, heating the house, and using electrical power from gas or coal all produce carbon dioxide. Products we buy also contribute to our carbon footprint, as most require fossil fuels for production, packaging, and transportation.

Let’s get a few things straight first, you don’t need to install mega solar panels and live off bean sprouts to reduce your family’s carbon footprint! Here are a few simple ways.

  1. Reduce your waste output

Landfills are a huge source of greenhouse gases and pollution. Recycling the basics can cut out the amount of rubbish your send to landfills by up to 50% or more! These include, plastic, glass, newspapers, aluminium cans and even now Jackson Reece Wipe packages!

  1. Make recycle & reuse your motto

Think of ways your family can recycle and reuse in your household, from old clothes and toys to old furniture and packaging materials, see what can be given a new life or donated rather than thrown out. For example, transform packaging materials into art projects or creative containers with the kids!

  1. Go Paperless

Even though paper is recyclable, the less you use, the better for the planet. Rather than getting piles of mail you just throw in the bin or never look at, choose paperless for all of your statements, newsletters, and bills. Also get into the habit of making notes and lists on your phone!

  1. Get Growing

Trees and plants consume carbon dioxide and help purify the air. If you have a garden, consider planting trees and shrubs to reduce your footprint. Non profit organisations like EarthDay.org also plant trees for a donation if you don’t have a garden! Grow little plants around your house too – Marks & Spencer have a great get growing scheme on at the minute.

  1. Choose organic and local foods

Transporting foods from far away uses fossil fuel and for cooling to keep foods in transit from spoiling. Support your local businesses too and shop from them, this will help reduce your carbon footprint. Compost your food waste if possible – add your biodegradable Jackson Reece Wipes to it too!

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