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It all started with a baby

Not just any baby, but our beautiful baby boy Jackson who was born at the turn of the new millennium right here in Northern Ireland. Jackson was a fun-loving, well-behaved baby who loved to be outside, but after a few months, his smiles turned to tears when his skin started to flare-up with painful red blotches.

Treating Sensitive Skin - Jackson Reece

Treating Sensitive Skin

After taking Jackson to several specialists, he was diagnosed with baby eczema and was prescribed steroid cream to try and treat it — which we later realised caused more harm than good.

We tried almost everything to ease his pain — but we couldn’t find anything on the market that worked and ended up turning to expensive, hard-to-get natural remedies and solutions.

Jackson Reece

Inspired by babies for babies

After years of research, we were shocked to discover that a lot of the ingredients used by big baby brands were to blame. By the time our second son Reece came along three years later with similar skin issues, we knew something had to be done, and so we started the family-business — which we affectionately named Jackson Reece.

Working closely with dermatologists and paediatricians, we began working on our first product: the world’s first eczema-friendly baby wipe.

Kinder to Baby, Kinder by Nature

Both of us have always been deeply fascinated by our planet, and passionate about doing our bit to protect it.

After discovering that polyester— the plastic used in 99% of baby wipes — causes rubbing and irritation, we realised there was an opportunity to save our baby’s sensitive skin and the planet at the same time.

As a result, our Kinder By Nature ethos was born!

The journey so far - Jackson Reece


We started our family business, Jackson Reece, in 2003 after not being able to find an eczema-friendly baby wipe on the market.


In 2005 after a lot of hard work and negotiating with local suppliers, we launched the world’s first bio-degradable baby wipes made right here in the UK from sustainable wood pulp. This helped us to reduce our carbon footprint and support local businesses.


The next few years were spent building relationships and learning from other parents that had babies with eczema. We took their experience onboard and continued working closely with dermatologists / paediatricians to see how we could make our products even better. By 2010, Jackson Reece products were stocked in many countries throughout the world by shops like Amazon, Ocado, Costco, Walgreens and Walmart.

We also created five new products including Kinder By Nature Natural Baby Body Wash, Shampoo, Moisturiser, Nose Nuzzles Wipes and our Mucky Mitts Hand Spray.


In 2020, we switched to 100% fully recyclable packaging, making Jackson Reece the most eco-friendly baby wipes on the planet!

Choose Eco-Friendly

Looking back on our journey so far, we’re amazed to see how all this started with us trying to make solutions for our babies — and we consider it a great honour to continue making them for your baby today.

Kinder By Nature products are now enjoyed by babies and parents all over the world, with more and more families discovering them every single day.

But 99% of parents still use plastic wipes from big baby brands that are full of nasty chemicals that harm baby and planet.

Plus with the average family using up to 156 packets of baby wipes every year and the global pollution-problem getting worse, it’s more important than ever for people to make the switch to plastic-free alternatives.

Environment Friendly - Jackson Reece

Our Mission

We’re on a mission to leave the world a better place for our grandkids and want to do our bit to help your family do the same.

Making the switch to plant-based instead of plastic-based wipes is one small step you can take today that will make a big difference.

Being parents ourselves, we understand how expensive running a family can be, so it’s always been important to us that saving the world shouldn’t mean having to break the bank!

As a way to say thank you for joining us in our fight against plastic pollution, we’re offering a 20% discount off new subscriptions to any Kinder By Nature Wipes — all of which are made from 99% naturally derived ingredients (including a plant-based cloth) and 100% recyclable packaging.

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