Are you torn between the decision to use biodegradable disposable wipes or reusable cloth wipes? It seems to be a hot topic of conversation at the minute and no one can decide which one is more environmentally friendly so here are a few suggestions to help you decide;

-Our biodegradable wipes will decompose after just 12 weeks when thrown away, so they have no lasting effect on the environment.

-Jackson Reece formula for our biodegradable wipes contains 99% naturally derived ingredients, meaning they are kind to even the most sensitive skin.

-Our biodegradable wipes are made from natural wood pulp so contain 0% plastic.

-Biodegradable wipes offer a quick and easy solution to messy clean up time. No need for those extra loads of washing that every mummy dreads!

-Reusable cloth wipes are bought less frequently but need machine washed after every use. Is this sustainable?

-The money saved on buying reusable cloth wipes may be unbalanced by the water and electricity used to clean them.

-As these reusable cloths may be used to clean a baby’s bottom, the cloths will have to be washed in a separate wash, at a high temperature to ensure bacteria is killed and to reduce the risk of contamination to other washes.

-Reusable cloths are not a plastic free solution – the cloth itself will contain plastic fibres that will be released with every wash into the water systems. They will also need a sanitary storage place, usually a plastic container.

-Reusable cloths are free of additional ingredients unlike many other brands of wipes, however, the strong washing detergent used to clean these cloths can act as an irritant on sensitive skin.

Choosing which option is best for you and your family is a personal decision but at the end of the day, no mum deserves the added hassle of a few extra loads of washing.

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