Losing a first tooth is an exciting experience that should be celebrated, they’ve reached another milestone and we have found some fun and different ideas the Tooth Fairy can use for their first visit!

Tiny Clues

The best way to keep your child’s imagination active is by leaving tiny glitter footprints (try using a Barbie doll shoe) in their room or sprinkle some glitter near the windowsill.

Fairy dusted glitter money

When we think of anything magical, we naturally think of glitter, right? Whether your child’s Tooth Fairy is leaving behind coins or paper notes, grab some sort of glitter glue or any glitter that you could paint on a few coats over the money and let it dry for a few hours.

Origami bills

Fold a paper note into a paper airplane, a heart, a turtle or even a basket to hold coins. YouTube is great to find easy tutorials if your folding skills are a little rusty!

Tooth report card

A personalised tooth report card on the health of your child’s lost tooth is another playful way to create something for the memory books that’s easy to do. You can grade your child’s tooth on colour, cleanliness and more!

Tiny Letter

Since the tooth fairy is tiny, he or she has tiny hands and must write on tiny paper. That’s where the tiny letter comes in. Have the Tooth Fairy write a special letter on paper and roll it up and tie it in a bow with dental floss.

Dental Bag

Seeing how much emphasis the Tooth Fairy places on dental health might spark an interest in dental hygiene from your child. Fun items to include in this can be a toothbrush of your child’s favourite cartoon character, silly flavoured toothpaste, and animal shaped dental floss.

Chocolate coins

Sometimes, younger kids aren’t as excited about money as they are by something more tangible, choose chocolate coins and give them the best of both worlds.

Tooth receipts

These are as much for parents as they are for children, as marking the occasion of losing baby teeth will make a nostalgic trip down memory lane in the future. If you search for a receipt from the Tooth Fairy on Pinterest, it will bring up plenty of printable ideas that contain a child’s name, date, age and tooth rating (excellent, good, poor).

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