As we won’t be going very far this Christmas – we’ve come up with a list of ideas to keep you and your children busy 😜

  1. Ombre Pinecones


- A pinecone
- Acrylic paint in three or four different shade of the same color
- Angled paint brush
- An old toothbrush


  1. Take your toothbrush and clean off any dirt or bugs (recommend doing this step outdoor).
    2. Take your paint brush and apply the first shade on to 1/4 of the pinecone (recommend starting with the darkest shade at the bottom of the pinecone and working your way up).
    3. Continue painting the next shade to the next 1/4 of the pinecone.
    4. Repeat step 3 with the rest of the shades until you reach the top.

These pinecones can really add another pop of colour to any festive occasion. Display them around your fireplace or on your windowsill.

  1. DIY Snow globes


  • Small jars 
  • A little toy to put inside. I recommend a party store for finding something. One thing to note is that the water is going to magnify how large your toy looks by quite a bit, so buy smaller than you think.
  • Glycerin (buy it at a chemist)
  • Glitter (I found that very fine glitter was better)
  • Heavy Duty Glue (Gorilla glue, E6000, Epoxy, etc.)
  • Needle nose pliers


With your hot glue gun, put a little hot glue on the bottom of your toy. Using the needle nose pliers, put it down into your jar where you want it. Press it down a little to get it firmly in place. Let the glue dry for 10 minutes.

Fill your jar with water. Put one small squirt of glycerin in it (this is going to make your “snow” float better.) Add a pinch of glitter. I found that if you add too much it makes the snow globe look too hazy.

Hot glue the lid in place and you’re done! Fun stuff!

Hopefully, you have fun learning how to make a snow globe!

  1. Reindeer Food


  • 1/2 cup uncooked oats
  • 1/4 cup sugar
  • 1/4 to 1/2 cup red and green sugar crystals/sprinkles
  • 5×7 clear cellophane bag
  • Stapler
  • Carrots (healthy reindeer food)
  • Cookies for Santa


  1. Stir all the ingredients together and add to a plastic bag.
  2. Staple poem to the bag at all four corners.
  3. On Christmas Eve, sprinkle the reindeer food outside and recite the special poem!

Add this magical poem to a reindeer food bag, and gift to friends or family this holiday season. It can also be a great classroom activity that kids can take home to their parents.

“Sprinkle on the lawn at night,

The moon will make it sparkle bright,

Santa’s Reindeer fly and roam,

This will help them find your home!”


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