Jackson Reece has always been deeply fascinated by our planet, and passionate about doing our bit to protect it. After discovering that polyester – the plastic used in 99% of baby wipes – causes rubbing and irritation, we realised there was an opportunity to save our baby’s sensitive skin and the planet at the same time. As a result, our Kinder by Nature ethos was born!

Plastic-waste is one of the leading causes of pollution in our world today. With the average family using up to 156 packets of baby wipes a year, it’s more important than ever to switch to eco-friendly alternatives and do all we can to keep our seas plastic-free.

It’s time to turn the tide in our fight against climate change and here is how you can help:

  1. Don’t flush your wipes

Even though our wipes are 100% biodegradable, they still don’t belong down the loo! When sewage systems get blocked, it causes an over-spill into our rivers, oceans and seas – damaging wildlife and ecosystems in the process.

But don’t worry, our wipes decompose within 60 days, meaning that they won’t cause any hard to landfill sites, or to your compost heap!

  1. Compost wipes when possible

With all of our wipes being made from wood-pulp, they make an excellent addition to your garden compost heap. Plus, with all our ingredients being 99% naturally derived from plant or vegetable extract, they won’t add any nasty chemicals to the mix.

However, please note: the government advises human waste shouldn’t come in contact with compost heaps – so we recommend only composting wipes that have been used to clean up mucky mitts, little faces or wet bums!

  1. Recycle your packaging

Over the last few years, we’ve been working hard to come up with a new 100% recyclable solution for our packaging and thanks to a new innovative material we’ve done it!

Now all you have to do is simply pop your packaging into the recycling facility at your local supermarket, and it will be repurposed for another eco-friendly product someday soon. 

  1. Switch to an eco-friendly wipe

156 packets of baby wipes a year per family leads to a lot of polyester littering our countryside’s, drifting through our seas and taking up space in landfill sites. Plus, with polyester taking over 500 years to breakdown, all this waste is here to stay.


By switching to Jackson Reece wipes today, you can make a big difference to the world our children will inherit from us.

Did you know that 99% of parents use wipes made from plastic. Our mission is to help you be a part of the 1% that don’t. By switching to Kinder by Nature products, you can save the world from plastic pollution – and your baby’s skin from polyester-induced irritation.

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