What is nappy rash? Nappy rash is commonly known as an irritation that babies can develop on their skin from rubbing and increased moisture due to nappy wearing.

The skin being in contact with waste is the main cause of nappy rash as it softens and weakens the outer layer which results in the irritation when the nappy rubs against it. However, nappy rash can also affect babies with sensitive skin, even if they have frequent, fresh nappies. It can also be the result of an allergic reaction to a product you may have used on your babies’ skin, such as, perfumed products or polyester based baby wipes.

What does nappy rash look like?

Most people know a rash when they see one, the skin around the nappy will be red and inflamed, it may even be blotchy, and the affected area may be hot to touch. The rash may start off small but can spread easily and quickly.

How should I treat nappy rash?

- Change wet or dirty nappies as soon as possible and often

- Choose a super absorbent nappy to reduce the amount of moisture next to your baby’s skin

- When cleaning the nappy area, use only warm water and cotton wool to avoid further irritation from perfumed products or alcohol and polyester based baby wipes.

- Do NOT use any kind of soap or perfumed products that will irritate their skin

- Try and give your baby as much nappy-free time as possible, to let their skin breathe

How can I prevent nappy rash?

Preventing nappy rash includes the same steps to treating nappy rash. One thing we would suggest (after simple warm water and cotton wool) would be to use Jackson Reece products. Our products are extraordinarily gentle, protecting baby’s delicate skin barrier which other products strip away. We never use harmful chemicals or strong fragrances which would irritate the skin, in fact, our products contain soothing Aloe Vera which even helps as an anti-inflammatory. 99% of our ingredients are derived from vegetable or plant extracts and our wipe cloth is made from natural wood pulp instead of abrasive polyester you will find in other brands. We are proud to say our products are Kinder by Nature.

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