My mum has always told me that I have a button nose,
Today it’s running like a stream and spraying like a hose. 
It’s days like this I almost wish that button thing was true,
If I could button up my nose, then I’d be good as new!

It’s the season for snuffles and sneezes and tiny noses need some TLC, not dry tissues which irritate delicate skin and cause soreness and redness. That’s why Jackson Reece invented Nose Nuzzles – the runny nose cleaner you’ve been waiting for.

We were unable to find a suitable alternative to tissues for our own babies, so we put our heads together and after a lot of work, created wipes that are just right. Made from biodegradable wood pulp, our unscented Nose Nuzzles are gentle on skin with soothing chamomile and Aloe Vera – pure, natural ingredients that nurture and protect.

Not only are these wipes perfect for nuzzling noses in winter – they are even perfect for hay fever season, when allergies strike or all year round! Our Nose Nuzzle Wipes are chemical free, with only natural goodness locked within. 99% of ingredients are naturally derived from renewable vegetable and plant extract and they aren’t tested on animals. Nose Nuzzles are kinder by nature.

Pick up a packet now from Boots or our website, just in time for Winter!


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